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Peer Exchanges

Peer Exchanges

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is offering peer exchanges for interested Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and local transportation agencies on Digital As-Builts (DABs) as part of the Every Day Counts 6 (EDC-6) Initiative. The FHWA will facilitate the peer exchange planning, coordination, and event facilitation and will cover travel costs for eligible participants for in-person exchanges.

Virtual or in-person DABs exchanges are uniquely designed to provide technology transfer and deliver technical assistance to agencies that facilitate the implementation of DABs, while affording an opportunity to exchange knowledge and resources between lead states and exploring states. Lead states have experience using DABs technologies, while exploring states are interested in developing and implementing processes and practices, pilots, and DABs technologies at their agencies.

Peer exchanges will highlight implementation and best practices of evolving technology, and other opportunities to support the deployment of DABs.

Host a peer exchange

Application ยป

FHWA is Accepting Applications for One-Day Interactive Peer Exchanges from interested departments of transportation and local agencies for interactive peer exchanges to advance Digital As-built implementation. Customized peer exchange focuses on individual agency needs, interests, and Expertise, and includes matching with a lead state(s) to address individual agency needs, interests, and expertise.

FHWA facilitates the planning. Host agency provides meeting venue.

Peer exchanges will occur through early 2023.

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